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Cultivate Curiosity

Mar 27, 2018

All the way from Auckland, New Zealand, we will hear from Gary Fawcett and Margaret Groot, two avid beekeepers that will kick off Cultivate Curiosity with an entire episode designated to learning all about honeybees and the art of tending to them -- beekeeping!


It feels like there is so much to learn and do in this world, but we have a lot of time to squeeze in all the information we can in this lifetime. Remember, the whole point of this show - of every episode - is to plant the seed of curiosity and maybe, just maybe, you’ll cultivate that curiosity someday and you’ll let it grow.


Resources mentioned during this episode:
Seven steps to becoming a beekeeper, Kiwimana Buzz Blog

3 basics to start beekeeping, Part 1 of 3, Kiwimana Buzz Blog


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