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Cultivate Curiosity

Apr 10, 2018

This episode's business spotlight is pulling out all the stops. It is both an online store and a pop-up shop!

We are going to be closing out our Digital Business 3-part mini series with the dynamic duo, Kayla and Piet van Rensburg, founders of Dak and Co. They are going to walk us through the unique strengths they both bring to their partnership and how they've found the beauty in the peaks and valleys of running a business. 
Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Coté Creative
Women's Leadership Program
Center for Business and Technology, Bismarck, ND
Co.Starters Program
Emerging Praire, Fargo, ND
Folkways, Fargo, ND
Artist Incubator
Arts Partnership, Fargo, ND
Makewell, Bismarck, ND
University of Mary, Bismarck, ND
All things Dak and Co: